Enviroment Policy

Redbricks dwellings recognise the need to control our operations in a manner which reflects good environmental management and we are committed to continual improvement.We develop specific management procedures to ensure environmental issues are considered at site level.We ensure that all waste, hazardous or otherwise is transported and disposed of correctly and in an environmentally acceptable manner.All arrangements are made on site to minimise noise, dust, emission of pollutants, traffic disruption and disturbance to the general public.

Redbricks dwellings work closely with external environmental companies in an effort to use where possible sustainable products and to harmonise our operations with the surrounding environment. We will continue to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, to minimise environmental pollution in all of our own activities and through our influence, over others, whenever possible.

Redbricks dwellings is aware of the effects of pollution on the environment and in accordance with the health and safety requirements of the Construction, Design and Management Regulations, all of the organisations plant redbricks dwellings